Best Electric Shavers For In Men 2015 Reviewed

The Urgent Need For Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Shaving with manual shavers can be messy and a complete hassle. Why bother with unnecessary shaving soaps, oil, creams and foams and then after-shaves when you can just go without with an electric shaver?

There’s reasonable understanding that some men do enjoy going through all that hassle just to boast how manly they are using a straight razor for shaving to their group of friends and to feel good about it.

Well, in this day and age, time equates expense and if you’re doing that, you’re not using your time wisely.

Electric shavers are the way to go but it isn’t so straight forward. A good and quality electric shaver is! You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to shave but the device just died on you. Or maybe, it’s not giving you that clean shave that you’re looking for.

Now, there are a lot of crappy electric shavers in the market today. Cheap ones are mostly crappy. Sure you might save a few bucks here and day but frequently trashing it whenever it breaks and having to buy a new one again. So much for going cheap...

Reality is there’s always going to be a better electric shaver my friend. How can a simple process of trimming unwanted hair become so complicated?

A good personal electric shaver doesn’t have to be the latest or most expensive.

Don’t fall for the gimmicks that trigger buying impulses. It’s really not necessary to keep up with the latest and there’s always going to be a new model.

Hopefully, this guide will help you straighten out what’s important and what’s not when it comes to the different types and a list of those we believe are exceptional for your consideration.

What You Need To Know Before Buying An Electric Shaver

There are different types of electric razors with different features and functionality apart form it removing unwanted hair of course. All of which will be covered in detail shortly but for now, treat this as a short quick start guide to help you choose the right shavers so that you can go on with other stuff in life.

Knowing what is really need and what to expect before making a purchase will make you a satisfied consumer. It’s annoying to spend on something and regret.

Everything electric and mechanical has lifespan. Light bulbs blow off, cars break down and the same applies for even the best electric razors.

Be practical!

There’s no glamour in using the most expensive electric razor. No one is going to walk into your bathroom and start wowing at your latest grooming tool.

Do know you are going to have to make a replacement someday. What’s really important to avoid the unexpected shaving disasters with these devices?

Unfavorable scenarios that could occur

Loss of power is a frequent case especially with portable electric shavers. Indication of low battery is important so that you know it’s time to recharge.

Always keep spare batteries for devices that allow changing of batteries. For shavers that rely on power cords, a blackout could happen in the time of need.

In either scenario, it’s advisable to keep some spare disposable safety razors.

Understanding your shaving needs

Do you need something just for clean shaving or something that supports trimming for other part of the body where you like to remove unwanted hair?

For your nose, ears, chest, under arms, pubic area and so on. Getting multiple electric razor types for multiple purposes isn’t a wise thing to do especially when they are shavers that are multipurpose.

Are you using it only for home or taking it on the go with you? Some electric shavers are just too bulky to bring around.

Location and warranty

In the event your shaver unknowingly stops working, is it covered by warranty? Most would be!

Is it going to be a hassle to claim it? Do you have to drive or ship it back? Are you ready for the hassle? Are you okay with the wait time? Is the merchant trustworthy? This is where saving a few bucks can cause you a lot of trouble.

Check what others are saying about it

A smart consumer would always search for consumer feedback about the item at question to be better inform before making the purchase.

By now, you should have a clear picture of what to consider before purchasing not only electric shavers but also other consumer products.

Different Types of Electric Shavers

There basically 2 types of shavers: Foil Shaver & Rotary Shaver.

Below depicts a table that summarizes the difference between them:


Rotary Foil
What it Looks Like

Cutting Technology Rotating motion blade Left-Right motion blade
Cutting Ability Close to skin Closest to skin
Hair Type Thick/Coarse Thin/Fine
Hair Growth Pattern All types Uniform
Usage Suitability Shave once a while Shave every other day
Preferred Shave Area Face/Cheeks (Tight Skin Areas) Chin/Jaw (Loose Skin Areas)
Maintenance Clean once in a while Clean more frequently

Foil shavers are the best electric razors for sensitive skin.

How To Use A Rotary Electric Shaver

How To Use A Foil Electric Shaver

Top Electric Shavers Reviews

The list of reviews is prepared and ordered in terms of popularity to help you compare electric shavers for your consideration.

Philips Norelco Pt730 Powertouch Electric Razor Review

philips norelco pt730

Rotary shavers are known for their issues with getting a real close shave but not with this Norelco PT730 Power Touch shaver. Philips made a promised once and this is what they’ve delivered.

It comes equipped with dual precision heads that a designed with slots and holes to provide quick and comfortable shave for both long and short hair types.

Its flex and float system allows more hair especially on the contour areas to get caught and shaved.

This device comes integrated with a pop up trimmer which is wonderful for shaving areas which requires a certain level of precision and it’s powered by lithium-ion battery that goes for 45 minutes after an 8 hour charge.

Highlighted Feedback


It’s light, quiet and comfortable to use. Manages close shave and the trimmer is very practical. Great for shaving head.


​Charging time takes ages (although allows usage while charging).

The motor powering this device isn’t strong and might not be suitable for those with very thick hair.

Philips Norelco 1150x Sensotouch 2d Electric Razor Review

Also known as the Philips shaver 6100, this shave is uses Gyroflex 2D countering technology adjusts easily to the contours of the user’s face. This relates to lesser pressure while using it and thus minimizing irritation.

It's equipped with dual precision like most Norelco models which allows the shaver to catch even the shortest hair.

Its lift and cut action goes beyond the skin level for a closer shave. This device will run wet or dry thanks to its aquatec seal.

Highlighted Feedback


Works well shaving neck hair, excellent battery life with quick charging (low battery indicator).


Cleaning takes some time. No trimmer for this model.

Philips Norelco At810 Powertouch With Aquatec Electric Razor Review

Also called the Philips Shaver 4100, this unit is designed to let you shave anyway you want to. It comes with dual precision shaving head like most Philip shavers which allows for a cleaner shave.

This device also comes with aquatec seal that allows it to be use in wet or dry surfaces.

Comfortable to hold, easy to clean, long battery life.


​Batteries can’t be replaced once it stops holding charge. Can’t get close shave compared to razors.

New users may experience skin irritation from using for the first few times.

Remington Aq7a Wettech Electric Shaver Review

This AQ7A WetTech Rotary shaver makes it convenient for wet and dry shaving. It cuts long hair and stubbles without effort and its precision flexible shaving head helps out with getting a close shave around the contours of your face.

You can shave in the shower or over a sink and handle it without worries thanks to its nonslip grip.

Highlighted Feedback


Waterproof with nonslip rubber grip, can clean by soaking in water and fits comfortably in hand. It supports quick charging and long usage time.


No trimmer. It’s a bare minimum shaver. No battery indicator.

Braun Series 3-340 Electric Shaver Review

The Series 3 340 wet and dry shaver can be used while taking a bath or shower. It is perfect for shaving stubbles that grow over the weekend.

Their innovative 3 way independent floating elements that include 2 foils and one middle trimmer make it incredibly adaptable for a smooth and comfortable shave.

You won’t experience any tugging or pulling while going through your pre morning routine with this one.

Highlighted Feedback


Can use in show, no irritation, good for sensitive skin and comes with a low-battery indicator.


​High price tag, suitable for stubble only, may need a few more strokes for a clean shave as oppose to advertisement.

Braun Series 3 350cc Electric Shaver Review

The Series 3 350cc is the latest best-selling foil shaver by Braun. It comes with ‘clean & renew system’ that hygienically cleans and lubricates your shaver with a touch of a button making it extremely convenient for maintaining and keeping your shaver at tip top condition.

With their patented smart foil technology, it has the capability of capturing growing hair in different directions. Shaving is a breeze with their triple action free float system that automatically adapts to facial contours in every stroke.

Highlighted Feedback


Easy to hold, use and maintain. Indicators for cleaning and charging are useful. Can use in the shower.


​Not suitable for thick whiskers.

Povos PQ8602 Electric Shaver Review

A nice looking rotary shaver, the povos pq8602 comes with 3 floating independent head which makes it easy and effective when capturing all kinds of hair types. Its beautiful led battery indicator indicates its remaining charge in percentage which tells you when it’s time to recharge.

It comes with a pop-up trimmer that is suitable for precision trimming and has an intelligent control chip to prevent hair from clamping and protecting the motor.

Highlighted Feedback


It is cheap, fully featured, intelligent, great looking, comes with a high speed motor and low charge time.


It requires a wall plug converter in some countries.

Panasonic Arc 5 Es-Lv81-K Electric Shaver Review

The Arc 5 ES-LV81-K is the grand-daddy of all foil shavers. It is equipped with a 5 blade shaving system greatly increase the shaving coverage and reduce the shaving time thus making it the best rated electric razor for men

Its 3 distinct foil patterns are designed work together to capture and cut the most challenging part of your hair. Along with its face-hugging technology, very fast motor, stainless nanotech blades and automatic cleaning station, you won’t experience an easier and more convenient shaving routine.

Highlighted Feedback


Supports wet/dry shaving, indicators, automatic cleaning, quick charging, clean and comfortable shaving and a very strong motor.


High price tag.

More Information

Many of these electric razors for men may not work accordingly to how they are being advertised or described in the media. Again they will require replacements and may break down over time so do your homework and practice proper justifications before spending on them.