Mini Segway Hoverboards FAQs

Hoverboards or self-balancing two-wheeled boards or platforms that are portable, and are equipped with rechargeable battery. Yes, they are battery powered scooters. Cool, isn’t it?

They usually consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side, with two platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. Hoverboards are controlled by the rider’s feet, standing in gyroscopic, sensored pads. It’s backward and forward movements depends on what direction you lean on. Well, you’ll need to lean as slightly or as much as you need so you can get your direction.

These hoverboards have become quite popular mid-2015. They suddenly became so popular that it became a need-to-get gadget and a must Christmas present come 2015 holidays. Well, before anything, let’s know first when and how these hoverboards came about.

History of Self Balancing Boards

It all started in 2013 when Shane Chen, an American businessman who founded the company Inventist, made an early claim of inventing the so-called hoverboard. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Chen voiced his frustrations regarding patent rights in China. He claimed that Solowheel, his self-balancing unicycle, was copied by other manufacturers after it appeared in Happy Show, a Chinese television show. In 2015, an American company claimed to hold patents and announced its intent to pursue litigation regarding the rights over these hoverboards.

Moreover, the fast and mass production of the Chinese industry makes it hard to pinpoint whether which Chinese company was the first to manufacture the said device. It is said that the hoverboard was likely invented as the “Smart S1” by the Chic Robotics. The Smart S1 was released in 2014 and found success at the 2014 Canton Fair trade show. Due to China’s lax patent enforcement, the product was copied by several Chinese manufacturers even when it had patented technologies that are associated with the board by the said company.

Again, in 2014, several devices appeared in China, and by 2015, they became widely popular in the United States, following numerous celebrity appearances with the device like Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, and several others.

So who really started the rush for the various models of self balancing hoverboards? It’s up for them to know. But thanks to them, a lot of people are enjoying because of these self-enjoying devices.

These hoverboards might seem easy to use but don’t assume too much for they do really need a lot of practice and balancing. But when you got the basics done, you’re good to go. To get better, feel free to practice your balance and your turns. This would help your body get accustomed with how hoverboards work.

Safety Measures

Riding any kind of vehicle is real fun whether they are skateboards, bicycles, or mini segway hoverboards. However, there is always that risk for injury. Take note that for Hoverboards, they can reach a maximum speed of 10mph so the possibility of injury is high. You could sustain a more substantial injury than you would from falling off slower-moving bicycles or skateboards. Therefore, it is safe to keep these tips in mind just in case you’re going to try your feet on hoverboards.

Tips on Using Mini Segway Hoverboards

  1. Wear safety gears like, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards while riding hoverboards.
  2. Choose the hoverboard that fits your personality and life regimen. Go for simple if you’re just into simple things. But if you’re in the adventure seeking group, find a more complex hoverboard that would challenge your balancing skills.
  3. Be healthy. The use of hoverboards require physical strength as well. If you’re able to balance nicely, then a hoverboard is good for you. However, if you can’t, it’s about time to have yourself be a member of a gym. Better yet, go exercise outdoors and feel the weather – sunny or cold.

When you lean to direct hoverboards, you’re working your body’s core. So if you want a little workout and a stroll at the same time, enjoy your hoverboards.