Red Dot Sight Buying Guide

The red dot sizes differ from sight to sight and some sights include dots which are adjustable in sizes, so make sure you take into consideration both how much room you still got on your firearm, and just how big a reticle you require when you are selecting a red dot sight. Some dots got some crosshairs or a variety of options and also a dot.

Most red dot sights are defined as Reflex Sights as compared to the EOTech sights, which are real holographic sights.

Dots would not seem defined and sharp in a reflex sight. Look at a dot with just a single eye, then the other. You would see that they look unique from one eye to the next. The same also goes from one individual to the next. Dots would seem like quite fuzzy, and this is just normal. No dot provides a sharp contrasting outline, that’s why when you select a red dot sight, never worry regarding the reticle’s sharpness.

Most red dots are approximately 4 MOA that means the dot would cover 4 inches at a hundred yards. Or a couple of inches at 50 yards or eight inches at 200 yards. When purchasing a red dot, take note that if you got a gun that would place all its shots into a 2 inch group at 100 yards and you attach a sight with a 4 minute dot, you would never see a 2 inch group again

Another detail you should be aware of when you are in the market for a Red Dot Sight is that they’re powered by battery. The lighted reticles in a rifle scope appear black sans power, and it’s advisable that you must always have backups.

Due to their naturally long battery lifespan, most shooters leave their red dot sight still turned on for the whole duration of a hunting trip, and then forget to turn them off when being put away. That’s why when you purchase your very first red dot sight, always remember to turn it off when you do not use it.

The red dot sights which are the toughest are made available by Aimpoint, and hundreds and thousands are being in use by our own military as of writing. They also got the longest battery lifespan. On some models, their batteries could almost be used up till 10,000 hours or that’s equivalent to almost 5 years.

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